These links are all related to decorated caves and prehistoric archaeological acoustics

Acoustics and Music of British Prehistory Research Network

Cantabrian Government with lots of information on caves

Chavin de Huntuar Archaeological Acosutics Project at Stanford Unviersity:

Prehistoric Caves of Cantabria is a web site that includes some virtual tours of the caves, including El Castillo

Dauvois, Michel. “Homo musicus palaeolithicus et Palaeoacustica.” Munibe. Antropologia-arkeologia 57 (2005): 225-241. Available at:

Herschfeld, Eugene, 30 May 2010. Paleolithic Art, Part 7: Music in the Paleolithic, in Marxist Theory of Art Website. Available at

Matthews, Doug, Ancient Celebration, Available at

Paul Devereux’s Landscape Perception Page:

Rupestre Art Centre at Tito Bustillo

Steven J. Waller’s Rock Art Acoustics Page:

The Lamp of Lascaux:

This is the website of the maker of the Shaman style drum we used in the caves to illustrate the acoustics present. It is a copy of a Mansi drum from Siberia, brought to Finland by Arthur Kannisto in 1906, made of spruce and reindeer hide.

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