La Garma Dates

A number of dates were calculated for five images in La Garma using the Uranium series technique. Image VI/29 had a date with 95% accuracy of between 37000-29000 BP and image VI/32 between 215400-171400 BP. Image IV/6 had two dates 59200-46400 BP and 89900-81500 BP. Image IV/8 had three dates calculated 28020-24180 BP, 32520-25080 BP and 27760-25840 BP. Image IV/9 was dated to 39200-34800 BP. Although some of these dates are wide ranging the fact that dates for the same image IV/8 were provided by two different laboratories suggest these dates are reliable. The imagery in question is thought to date to the Gravettian-Solutrian stage of the arts classification. Dates after Arias et al 2008.  A radiocarbon date for Bison G-IX (GifA-102581) had a 95% chance of dating between 17362-16530 BP, placing it in the Solutiran-Lower Magdalenian stage.

Further dating in La Garma, carried out using the method of thermoluminescence provided a wide range of dates.  Image IX/17 (MAD-2073) had a 95% probability of being within the date range 557687-398487 BP.  Similarly Image IX/15 (MAD-2074) dated between the ranges of 573214-381214 BP.  Image VI/3 (MAD-2075) was dated between the ranges of 78468-50028 BP.  Image IV/6 (MAD-971) between 47206-29726 BP and Image IV/8 (MAD-973) 41875-26475 BP. Again stylistically these images are thought to fit within the stage of the Gravettian-Solutrian (Arias et al 2008).

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