Interactive Maps

Explore sound, pictures and videos related to prehistoric cave paintings in El Castillo, Tito Bustillo, Las Chimeneas, La Garma and La Pasiega, part of the Altamira world heritage site.
Caves Map Jpeg

As part of our project we have created a set of interactive maps that allow you to listen to sound files, watch videos and see pictures from related to our project. each media file is placed in the appropriate position on the map. You view the files by clicking on the appropriate marker on the map, there is an option to hide these or show them in the bottom right hand corner of the page.

You can also see heat maps, in which colours indicate the values of a number of acoustic parameters, such as EDT (early decay time, a good indicator or perceived reverberance); T30 (reverberation time, including later reflections); EDT125 (which gives EDT results for lower frequencies, this tells you about low frequency resonances); T30 125 (low frequency reverberation time); C80 (clarity); D50 (definition or deutlichkeit); and STI (speech transmission index, how well you can understand speech). You select the acoustic parameter at the bottom. Again there is an on/off button for the heatmaps.

Please let us know if you find any bugs. If you do find a problem, changing map usually clears this, or reloading the page does the same. There are maps for 5 caves, Tito Bustillo, La Garma , las Chimeneas, La Pasiega and El Castillo.

You can see the maps by clicking here or by going to

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